Club Guidelines

OKC Business Builders
Guidelines:  Oklahoma City Business Builders (These are under revision.)

The Oklahoma City Business Builders (OCBB) is a professional networking organization with the sole purpose to give its members more business.  Being a member of the Oklahoma City Business Builders is like having a sales force working for you.  “Word of Mouth” is the most cost-effective form of advertising possible.  OCBB provides a structured environment for the development of quality relationships that lead to the exchange of quality business referrals.  The concept of “the more you give, the more you receive” is the foundation of OCBB’s organization.  Although a subtle difference, OCBB is not a tips club.  That is, the referring member is encouraged to make a personal, face-to-face introduction to a prospective client.  Relationship selling is the name of the game.


Only one person from each profession  / category is permitted to join the Oklahoma City Business Builders.  If an individual with a similar or complementary business wishes to join, that individual who is already a member will have the final approval for their inclusion as a member..  (It is permissible to represent specific aspects of your business to avoid duplication, again with the approval of a current member in that category.)

Membership applications will be submitted to the President or Membership Officer.  The application will request 3 referral resources to allow the leadership to confirm your position and ability to bring business to the club.  Applications will be available at each meeting or can be downloaded from the website.

If the application and resources confirm the applicant’s position and meet the criteria (does not conflict with an existing member) an email will be distributed to all members.  Members will have one week to respond with any specific (not hearsay) objection of having the applicant approved for membership.  Only negative responses need be sent at this time.  Should no responses be received, the prospect will be granted membership and full access to the club.

Members who have multiple occupations must represent their primary occupation (that occupation that generates the most income) only.   Part time endeavors will not be considered.

While members are encouraged to consider OCBB their only tip/lead/referral club membership, our concern is that the member is an active member in our club.  That activity is defined as:

Regular attendance and Passing quality referrals to other members.
It is important for the integrity of the club that members participate in the referral process.  All members will be reminded periodically of their attendance and of their history of passing referrals.  Should either be noticeably outside of reasonable bounds the member may be encouraged to allow someone in their category to step into their place who will be more actively involved.

Network Marketing:

Members who are involved in the direct selling profession should refrain from any comments during the meeting regarding recruiting.  We are interested in your products and facts and benefits and each member should limit their networking and “talk” to those items.

No more than 4 different direct selling (networking) organizations may be represented in the club at any one time.

Handouts, Promotions and Benefits:

Members are encouraged to bring samples, coupons, discounts or other promotional material to the club meetings.  Members are encouraged to offer preferential consideration to other members of the club.  However, no one should be made to feel awkward or expect to receive any special consideration if the member chooses not to offer a discount.  If a discount is not offered, please don’t ask or assume.  Guests should be encouraged to bring any promotional material to distribute to the club.


The Oklahoma City Business Builders is focused on helping you build your business.  In order to ensure success, it is important that our members are committed to attending each meeting, twice a month.  The more meetings you attend, the better our members get to know you and more about the services that your business offers.  This results in more opportunities to “build your business” and to establish trusted partnerships with other members.

If a member misses three meetings in a quarter or three in a row, your attendance will be reviewed by the Board and your category will be at risk for replacement.  If you cannot attend a meeting, please send a substitute from your company to represent you.

We understand there are special circumstances that warrant an “excused absence” and they are currently defined as:

Death in the family
Extended illness or injury, surgery, etc.
Please notify a member of the Board in advance, if possible.

We encourage you to enthusiastically embrace one of the most important meetings in your day planner – the Oklahoma Business Builders meeting!


Effective January 1, 2022, the yearly Investment for membership is $340.00 renewable annually, on or before January 1st. Payment annually is encouraged. However, quarterly payments of $90.00 due January 1st, April 1st, July 1st, and September 1st will be accepted. Members may also pay monthly at a rate of $40.

Annual Investment for any Member joining after January 1st of each year will be pro-rated based upon when they join. Membership Investment paid in advance is not refundable.

Any costs to the Chapter that are not routine administrative costs must be brought to the vote of the Board. The Club is not responsible for any expense incurred that is not authorized by the Board in advance.

Members that are in arrears in their Investment for two meetings or more will have their membership category evaluated by the Board and action as necessary will be taken.


Prospective members will be allowed to attend their first two meetings at no charge. After the second meeting, they will be given a Club Membership Application to complete for review and processing by The Board.

Leadership Team:

The leadership team will serve for one year.  In November of each year, interested members may submit names for consideration.  The leadership team will be voted upon by the chapter at large the first meeting in December.

The leadership team will consist of:

  • President
  • Vice-President                                                              
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer                                                                     
  • Membership
  • Meeting Host                                                               
  • Communications


The Leadership team will meet as needed.   All members are welcome to attend and meetings will be announced via email in advance of the meeting.

Some positions and special contributors may be compensated for their efforts by being exempt from paying dues to the club for the quarter of their contribution.  The leadership team will make that determination as needed.  Examples may include website maintenance, catering and some leadership positions.


Any conflict, dispute, or concern between members should be addressed to the President for resolution.  The President will attempt to bring the parties together after inquiring as to the validity of the complaint.  Any reluctance to resolve the situation by either party will be grounds for a request for the resignation of the member.  All decisions will be made jointly by the leadership team and are binding. Should any member receive more than one complaint or negative comment that member may be asked to resign.

Special Events:

As the club is a non-profit group the membership may be asked to approve periodic events or gatherings to encourage interaction and enhance the club.  It is desired to meet in individual members offices as available for a social mixer or to enhance networking.  At the end of the year any monies left from the operation of the club may be donated to a mutually agreeable charity or event

Special events may be held on a regular basis to promote getting to know each other.  This may include a yearly Christmas event.

Additionally, members may “host” a mixer at their place of business or place of choice.  Hosts will be responsible for any refreshments, etc.  Special time will be given for the host to promote their business


People give referrals to those they know, like and trust.  The best way to make this organization a success is to get to know each member on a professional level.  Members are encouraged to meet outside the OCBB for the purpose of learning more about each others business and how they can give referrals.