Our membership is committed to generating productive business referrals for each other through our own group and other business connections that we have. We are proud of our achievements and I hope that you will decide to become part of our team. To help you evaluate whether you should join our Club, please consider the following information:


Your Business Is A Major Construction Project That Needs Resources! Join Us Today!

What we ARE:

  • A Network Referral Business
  • Successful business people who are not only good at what we do, but ethical in the way we conduct our business.
  • Your personal sales force of professional people committed to your success.
  • People with whom long term business relationships are developed and maintained.


What you CAN EXPECT from us:

  • Support of dedicated business people to assist you in developing new business contacts.
  • Supervised assistance in becoming an effective and active member in our club.
  • Increased business when you have developed group confidence and rapport.


What we EXPECT from you:

  • Regular attendance at meetings.
  • Visitation: meeting with club members one on one to learn as much as possible about them and their business.
  • Dedication and willingness to assist others in their business growth…equal to your desire for support from them.
  • A sincere commitment to developing at least one qualified lead per meeting for any fellow Club member, once you have met one on one with each member and have familiarized yourself with their needs.


What you will RECEIVE from us:

  • Training in a new, effective method of focused business networking.
  • Programs where you have exclusive advertising promotion for your business.
  • Access to new clients through your fellow members.
  • Opportunities to increase your ability to communicate effectively and become a better public speaker.



  • Belonging to the Oklahoma City Business Builders is like having dozens of sales people working for you … This organization of professionals will provide a structured and supportive referral system to all members.
  • Membership is limited to only one person per business category in our Club so there is no competition for referrals in your business – unlike large groups such as business or professional associations.
  • How many Members can our Club have for each business category? Only one.
  • This allows our Club to provide exclusive category representation, one Member, one category.